Mercy Brown

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A little history lesson.

Before vampires were sweet,  lovable, and sparkled in the sunshine – they were wild bloodthirsty creatures.

Yes. It is true you tweenyboppers.

Vampires date back to near prehistoric times, but most of us think of one person when we think of ‘Vampire’.. Bram Stoker.

If not, perhaps Vlad the Impaler? And if you were born early 90’s and later, ‘Team Edward’ will come to mind.

This is the story of the tragic 2nd death of a 19 year old girl named Mercy Brown.

Mercy was one of  3 children. Born to George and Mary Brown in 1872. In that time, tuberculosis was everywhere. People were losing their families and friends at every turn. They didn’t know what it was or what caused it but it wasn’t called tuberculosis it was called ‘consumption’. Anyways, the Brown family lost Mary, Mercy’s mother Mary, then Mercy’s sister, and then later Mercy died.  Shortly after Mercy’s death her brother fell ill, so the father (George) griefstricken, decided to  do anything to save his son.

The townspeople convinced the Brown family was under a curse of some sort, encouraged him to dig up the graves of Mercy, Mary, and Mercy’s sister.

This is where it gets strange..

Keep in mind that Mercy Brown died before embalming  was common. During decomposition, it is possible for bodies to sit up, jerk and sounds can come from them because bloating can occur, and if wind escapes by passing over the vocal chords, the body can groan or moan.

Mercy’s father and a group of townspeople gathered to help him exhume the  bodies. The bodies of Mary and Mercy’s sister were decomposed and looked ‘normal’. Mercy’s body was not decomposed. Her nails had grown and she had actually turned over.

Her visual condition prompted the group to cut open her chest cavity and examine her. They examined her organs. The newspaper said her heart and liver had blood in it. It was liquid blood, which they interpreted as fresh blood.They cut her heart out and burned it on a nearby rock.

– Here is where strange gets gross.

The ashes from Mercy’s heart was mixed with water and given to her brother to drink. The folklore said that destroying the heart of a vampire would kill it, and by consuming the remains of the vampire’s heart the spell would be broken and the victim would get well.

It didn’t work so well – Mercy’s brother died about 2 months later.

This site has some great photos and the author had a strange experience at the graveside…

Mercy Brown at Stuofdoom

R.I.P Mercy Brown


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